Hi, I'm Wendy :)

I'm a podcaster, life coach and woman trying everyday to live with mojo, more joy. I have a Masters of Divinity degree (pastor's degree, Methodist tradition) with training in counseling and spiritual direction, am certified in the science of happiness, and have a research background at Duke University helping hundreds of participants through depression.

But mostly, I'm a mom. We probably have a lot in common.

Your kids deserve a confident, mentally-fit 

and joyful mom.

You deserve to be her. 

It's my core belief that when moms own their power and influence, everyone benefits. Being the best version of you is the greatest gift you can ever give your family.

It's why I do what I do. I once was where many moms  are: second-guessing, playing small, wondering if I'd missed out on something everyone else knew or if I was enough. At a few pivotol lows, I asked Spirit for healing, guidance and help.

Spirit showed up in truly miraculous ways and led me to seminary to study my mind, emotions and soul. Out of my own transformation I created a tool called T.E.A.M. Work, which is the basis of everything I teach. It's like a mental chiropractic adjustment that aligns our thoughts to manifest more joy in our lives. Today I believe in myself. I believe in my extraordinary power as a mom. I'll teach you exactly how to get there, too. 

Contact me: wendy@mojoformoms.com




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Discover Coaching.

I help women become more confident, mentally healthy and joyful through coaching.

Many of them are struggling with confidence in themselves or at work.


Some can't shake feeling they're "not enough" in their roles as women, leaders and moms.

A lot of them are stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious and worn thin.

Some need help with their relationships.

As a life coach, former behavioral researcher for a respected university, and certified science of happiness specialist with a Masters of Divinity (pastoral training & spiritual direction) and director-level leadership experience in the corporate world, I combine science, psychology, performance insights and spirituality to coach women through all these topics, and more.


All coaching is done online via Zoom Meeting.

(You get coached on your lunch break, in your office or at home--fuzzy socks allowed ;). 

Here's the stuff we makeover like magic:

                                     Emotional Health 

                        Thoughts (T.E.A.M. Work) 

                              Spirituality & Purpose 

                              Identity & Confidence 

                         Guilt & Owning Decisions 

                  Work & Creative Contribution 

                      Relationships & Boundaries 

                    Goals, Dreams & Future You 

We pay so much attention to our physical health, but so many of us neglect our mental and emotional health. It's time to invest in your most important and powerful assets: your heart, soul and mind.

Think of coaching as a gym membership for your brain.

Your confidence and joy are so worth it.



Other ways to work with Wendy:


"Wendy spoke so much life-giving truth into me. Something almost mystical was happening with the gift of her wisdom. Her words and presence nourished me, and met me, and equipped me. I walked away feeling more powerful and more loved, and I now have some tools that I will be able to use over and over in my life in order to break limiting thought patterns."


Have Wendy Speak With Your Group

From interactive business team coaching, leadership training and conference keynotes to women's groups and retreats, Wendy offers audience-rousing talks on performance mindset, mental & emotional health, confidence and especially "mojo": a combination of authentic moxie "mo-" and exuberant joy"-jo." 

Contact Wendy for speaking fee schedule, media materials & workshop references.

contact: wendy@mojoformoms.com   

One-on-One Coaching via Zoom 

Got a problem you want to solve or a goal you want to accomplish?

Searching for more meaning in your life?

Does your life look great from the outside, but you sense something's missing?


I'll teach you the revolutionary tools of life coaching and my unique take on research-backed cognitive behavioral therapy, called TEAM Work.

All coaching is online via Zoom Meeting. 

Not a techy? Not a problem. I'll email you a link, you click on it at our scheduled time, I'll be there on your screen. 

single session to learn & apply self-coaching tools: $95

3 sessions: $275 

6 sessions: $500 (13% discount)

(May pay in installments. Fees apply with PayPal. Checks accepted without added fees.)